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Triples Strategies

Also called Nine Men's Morris, Marelles, Marels, Marrills, Merelles, Mérelles, Merels, Merreles, Merrels, Merrelus, Merrills, Meuhle, Mills, Morell, Morelles, Morris, Mühle, Muller, Mylla, Mylta, Mynek, and 9 Men's Morris.

Intersections, Corners, and Sides
Maximum mobility is the key to success in Nine Men's Morris, Triples.

  • Any piece surrounded by your opponent's pieces is useless.
  • Intersections are the most valuable locations, since they have four adjacent spaces.
  • Corners are weakest, since they only have two adjacent spaces.
  • Sides are stronger than corners, as they have three adjacent spaces.

Placing Strategy
Going first gives you a slight advantage, because you can claim two intersections.

During the placing phase, think several moves ahead. Place your pieces so that you can form more than one mill (three pieces in a row, horizontally or vertically). That way, if one mill is blocked, you can form a different mill on your next move. However, you should not force your opponent to keep blocking mills. This can lead to your pieces getting trapped. You are trying to set up the board for the second phase of play, the moving phase.

During placing, try to separate your opponent's pieces from each other and block mills. Losing even one piece during the placing phase can be disastrous at the start of the moving phase.

Moving Strategy
During the moving phase, try to predict where your opponent will try to make a mill. Move your pieces into positions that block your opponent from making a mill, but that allow you to form either a single mill or double mill on your next turn. When you make a mill, capture the opponent's piece that is most likely to form a mill on a subsequent turn.

Single Mill
When you form a mill, simply move a piece out of the mill, and then return it to the mill on your next turn. This way, as long as your movement is not blocked, you can capture a piece every other turn!

Double Mill
When you can move a piece from one mill and complete a second mill, you have made a double mill. Congratulations! Continue moving the piece back and forth between the two mills. It is very difficult to counter a double mill, so do not let your opponent make one!

If you are reduced to only three pieces, you are allowed to jump to any open position. You can use this to your advantage, as you can win by jumping into and out of a mill. The piece you jump out of the mill should also be used to block your opponent from making a mill. Be careful, though: Before you reduce your opponent to three pieces, make sure your opponent cannot jump into a mill on the next turn to win the game.

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