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Word Monaco Solitaire Screenshot Word Monaco Solitaire Screenshot
Word Monaco Solitaire Screenshot Word Monaco Solitaire Screenshot

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Relax under the warm sun of the Mediterranean and play a cool game of word solitaire. Create words by moving letters from column to column. When all the letters are used, you've won! 75 engaging levels, at six beautiful locations, equals hours of fun. Try it today.

Word Monaco Solitaire Features 75 levels for hours of fun
Word Monaco Solitaire Features Stunning graphics and animations
Word Monaco Solitaire Features Endless variety as no two decks are alike
Word Monaco Solitaire Features Earn points to qualify for the high score list
Word Monaco Solitaire Features Power Ups to increase your score and to change the deck

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"Too busy to read a lengthy review of this game? No problem. Here's the 22-word version: Word Monaco can best be described as a cross between Klondike, the popular solitaire card game, and Scrabble. And we like it. ...this game is perfect for word game nuts looking for a new twist on an old favorite. Give it a S-P-I-N by downloading the free playable demo." Marc Saltzman, GameZebo

"If you are playing a word game, you may as well be playing Word Monaco, because it's one of the best. Wod Monaco is a brilliant half-Scrabble half-Solitaire game where, instead of trying to create rows of descending numbers, you have to go all out to make words. The best thing about Word Monaco is that it's as hard as you want it to be." SLACKERJACK

"I absolutely love this game! It is very challenging and fun at the same time. I specifically like the challenge of using all the cards in order to complete the level. This is the kind of game I can play for hours." Bobbi

"A great new twist to the genre. The more I play the more I like it." Adam

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