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Word Monaco Solitaire Rules

How to Play

Drag cards from column to column to create words vertically. You need to get all the cards face up and arranged into words.

When moving a letter from one column to another, the linked letters either have to make a word or be the beginning of one. For example, you can put an 'H' on a 'T' to make 'TH' because many words start with 'TH'. But you cannot put an 'H' on another 'H' because no word starts with 'HH'.

You can move grouped letters. For example, you can move the letters 'OP' from 'STOP' and put them on an 'H' to make 'HOP'.

If you want to make the word 'STING', each part must be on its way to a word. You can make 'TING' and then move those letters on an 'S', but you cannot make 'NG' because no word starts with 'NG'.

When a word is made that is in our word list and meets the game's goal, a diamond appears at the top of the column.

Our word list does not include proper names, acronyms, hyphenated words, or words with apostrophes.

Location Goals

Each location in Monaco has its own goal.

Larvotto Beach – Use all the cards to make words.

Royalty Cafe – Use all the cards to make words. One word must use all the special cards, or three words must each use one. Words must be three or more letters.

Train Station – Use all the cards to make words. One word must use all the special cards, or four words must each use one. Words must be four or more letters.

Strategy Tips

Make one large word to tie up several letters. This results in a smaller set of remaining letters to work with.

Keep an open column or two to use as a place to mix letters.

Sometimes you have to break up a perfectly good word to win. You can always use the Undo button if breaking up the word does not work out.

Try to build blends, such as 'STR', 'BR' 'SL", as they will lead to many words. Or add endings like 'ED' or 'ES' to the end of a word.

Place the joker at the end of a word. This keeps it readily available if needed and prevents you from having to break up a word.

Word Monaco Home Page

System Requirements

  • Palm OS 5.0 or higher
  • Treo 700, 650 & 600
  • Tungstens & Zires
  • Color only

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