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Word Watch Rules

How to Play

Try to make a word using all the letters. Solving the word moves you up through levels. If you can't use all the letters, make the longest word you can. At the end of the round, remaining letters become red tiles. 8 or more red tiles and the game ends.

Tap letters to move them up to the upper row. The check button will turn green if the word is in our word list.

When you have letters on the upper row, you can tap the triangles between them to 'nudge' them left or right. You can move a root word to the right to make room for a prefix, for example.

Word Watch and Untimed games have a Bonus Round. See Bonus Round help under the help menu for more information.

Words entered appear in a list above. The longest word you have made this round appears at the bottom of that list.

As you work through the levels, the words to be solved get longer and longer. To be promoted, you need to solve the full-length word consistently and have a minimum number of red tiles.

Bonus Round

The Bonus Round is key to long-term success.

If you pass, or if time runs out before you solve the full-length word, each letter that your longest word didn't use turns into a red tile.

Any round where you solve a full-length word and you have one or more red tiles, you get a Bonus Round.

During the Bonus Round, make a word at least as long as the round you just solved, using as many red tiles as possible. Each red tile you use goes away!

Word Watch Home Page

System Requirements

  • Palm OS 4.1 or higher
  • Treo 700, 680, 650
  • Tungstens & Zires
  • Color only

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